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I come forward into the light.

For many years I have been haunted, nay! Tormented! Tormented by the dreams! That inane tune playing over and over! The skinny boy with the Cowlick, the fat boy with the beanie and worst of all…the dog. I will speak of it no longer.

I have accepted the shame of my former existence. Now I struggle to come to terms with that other life in that other world which calls to me still. Casting its black and white pall over my every moment, awake or asleep.

I have been searching the Internet for those who could understand my pain.

Oh cruel irony! When I think of those who could have used my past life to gain a higher understanding of the cosmos, but instead turned a blind eye, dismissing the greater meaning as simple comedy! FOLLY OF MORTAL MEN! They are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over for all time but not we my media brethren! Let us at least reap what paltry rewards our displaced existences offer us in the form of greater knowledge and understanding than that of our mundane peers. Let us buy the boxed DVD sets of our lives and learn from them! Let no one say that we lived out our lives in twain for naught!

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