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The Spice shall Flow

I am 23 year old Irish gentleman and although I was born in County Cork, I came to live in Barrow Alaska when I was but a wee tike of 3. I always like the barren wastes of snow stretching forever... and during the winter they reminded me of a great desert. I liked deserts. I always knew I was a lord of the desert.

Imagine my amazement when I read Dune and understood I was really Paul Atriedes, the great Kwisatz Haderach.
I set about to reclaim my empire, but I spent a lot of day in jail because people just don't understand I am an Emperor. Now I bide my time and one day the Fremen will help me reclaim that which is mine.
I know it ... I have seen it happen already.

I have somehow slipped into an alternate reality and I have my best mentads working on how this happened.

Oh, and those two movies ... BOY did they get ME wrong ... the book is mostly right though...
Those two guys in the movies though .,.. I could SOoo kick their butts.

It is difficult to go from an Emperor, to eating Whale blubber, but hey we gotta learn sometime.

I like to visit Mayberry. It is quiet and WARM and the people here understand I used to be an Emperor.
I just saw and talked with Rigel, the grand Dominar of Hibernia ... he understands completely and if we get outta this, he's getting a sweet spice trade deal...
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