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I gotta say, I'm impressed with the rapid turnout here. Y'all are welcome, I hope you emjoy your stay.

I s'pose I should introduce myself. In this world, in this life and body I'm a young guy, 16, born in Kyoto, Japan. My parents moved to the U.S., to San Francisco, when I was just a tyke, 4 years old.

The thing is, I always knew I wasn't really Japanese, in a deeper sense, and I think I always knew that I existed elsewhere, as Sherrif Taylor, even before I ever saw my first rerun of the Andy Griffith Show. In my earliest memories, I knew that the area around me was subtly wrong somehow. I remember seeing the frotn of a store, and expecting to see a trocking chair there. Going home, expecting to see the cell in the back with the old dunk sleeping it off. Learning english in school was so easy, iit was like I already spoke it, somehow. It wasn't until I saw my first rerun that I really knew who I was, recognized the signs.

Now, I accept my double life. I'm finishing High School, and will probbably apply to the police academy when I graduate next year. In the mean time, I'll keep Mayberry, and mediakin safe for you folks whenever you care to visit.

So why don't ya'll tell us a bit more about yourselves?
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